: A Simulation

by The Leaky Faces

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released December 14, 2013

Cody: banjo, mandolin, guitar, piano, vocals
Lucas: violin, guitar, washboard, bass, cello on Inquisition, vocals
Peach: drums
Zach: cello, upright bass, back up vocals

additional sound makers: Hinchi, Fernanda, Micah on saw, Saugwa on meows.

Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Zach Gerzon at The Living Room. Huge thanks to Callan Buday for her input and assistance.
Album artwork by Averill Nolte
Goathead Record Collective 2013




The Leaky Faces Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Simulacra
We are the object and the subject in this claustrophobic dream
Where all the walls are painted see through
Yeah I've got other people's eyes inside this skull of mine so what am I Oh what am I?

Is a puppet with no strings autonomous or does it exist does it exist?

I had a thought but I was never the one that thought of it
Hell is a body lacking orifices

And the androids dream
The simulacra have shed their strings
And the androids dream behind static curtains of a conscious
a conscious sleep

We're structured engendered conditioned cemented
Now the shadows rule this prison eternally projected

Displacement's got me seeing ghosts there's no original we are all copies God comes forth from the stage
We burn creators to nothing now the matrix is all we have one time I looked into the mirror and there was nothing looking back
Nothing looking back
Looking back
Track Name: Inquisition
Stuck somewhere in the cerebrum and everything feels so far away
A Shadow in a daydream an image too slowly dispelled
Rifling through faded photographs of a burning tree
There's no guilt reserved for a tree that grows dead

The sound of tempered steel fills the air invites a gray fog to rest in the cities
It had been stolen from the forests and the ancient bones that they'd drunk
The foundry set itself ablaze strapped a bomb to its chest and walked away
In covetry of an antidote for a disease that grows to die

We seek an easy response for hard lies
Night terrors of a child on fire just to wake to the smell of smoke
When the mirrors all broken and the candles all out there's no ghost to look in the eye
And somewhere the sound of a drum for a second brings the madness to a halt

I have a desert of feelings and a dehydrated brainstem
Sold our pace for scraps gouged out our eyes for better sight,
Held our peace for better days cried out war when nothing remained
Broke a promise we call death god begs for the forgiveness
Can you believe how odd it is to have to be anything at all

We dance round the rubble in comfortable silence
Our hearts broken by the sound of the sirens

Who signed the contracts that sacrificed our freedom for borders?
And who separated us with the illusion of order?
And who convinced me that my skull was a prison?
When will the genocide end?
For now we're on the road of attrition
Track Name: Syrinx and Pan
Well I first grew eyes in the city of Sylvan where Syrinx and Pan they got drunk off the wine they gave me a voice and they told me to use it and I went off dancing through dense moonlit forests of old

Well how long I sang I cannot recall but the morn took me up with a chip on my shoulder my smile was red from the blood and the wine and my voice was sharpened to cut through the forested skies

I sung and I sang about dreamscapes and treefolk who danced round the fire and told tales of before the bark of the children as smooth as the snakeskin that shed round the fire and gave kindling to Syrinx and Pan

One day I tripped to the city of Sylvan where Syrinx and Pan they had opened my eyes I looked all about me and finally did see that the city of Sylvan was burning to death oh the treefolk

the treefolk that screamed as they cooked alive the treefolk I sang with in the fire my friends and my family my only home burning by the anvil and forge

So now I sing in the city of Vulcan where Syrinx and Pan they are blind from the wine I still have my voice and I'm forced now to use it singing to virgins and dreamscapes in moonlights of old
Track Name: Steam
Settling our scores with the stick
And throwing out our backs just to rest
And raise the monuments above our heads
Blood-soaked whips mark this divide

Paranoia can find you wherever you run
Even in the depths of a coal mine
Our lungs always paid the bill
Cough up blood

Well there's a fire in your heart and a molotov in your pocket
But goddam if looks could kill then they would explode like rockets
You're addicted to depression don't pretend that you don't love it
You sought after the peace of mind the illusion that was so

Well settle down my darling and walk away my dear
and tell the whole world what you've been thinking ad screaming in my ear
Until you've painted life so ugly and also very weird
They have you swallowing disaster at the cost of all that you hold dear
You place too much faith in tomorrow a day that you can't chase
You can kick up all the dust you want you're still stuck in the same place

Well fuck it all my darling and scream all you want my dear
It's not your fault you live under the gun and in front of the mirror
Well fuck it all my darling and scream all you want my dear
Let's commit some arson burn down courthouses and replace them with dirt.
Track Name: Contra
Borrowed air is in the lungs
Holding this breath for the ruin
My carbon composed of all of my faults
I will be tomorrow's synthetic surface

The so-called beauty that you call home is so suffocating
Isolated from hopelessness and breathing in a false sense of empathy
I'm drowning in an ocean of mistakes and regrets and I can't swim for shit
It's impossible to come up for air when you're met with no reason to breathe

And I doubt everything you say because you always say it twice
You won't give me an explanation for the apologies and the lies
You choke on words of sentences that forgot where they began
What method do you recommend if we're already dead?

Project my memories as a scene from your hidden persuaders
My inflamed lungs are only getting older
A distraction from armies with crosses on their shoulders modern crusaders
I cover my eyes this is the place to die to wake up from a nightmare is to be caught in a dream
Track Name: Bonds of Faith
System is structuring (Fractured is symptomatic)
Objects and materials ideology (Callousness is what leads to our beliefs)

I'm just a body
I've been interpolated

I'm just a body
I'm just a body

Bonds of faith keep this whole thing glued together
But I still pray to be unmade
To be unmade
To be without anything

Can you help destroy me? x2
Track Name: Smoke Signals
I lost my sight with the crashing of the waves
Just another man thrown overboard forced to walk the plank
In the time I spent gasping for air the ship's hull I could never repair
For little did I know the ship was made to sink

Mast burning crew staring
At each other in disbelief
Hearts failing ship sinking
the fearful ones man the long nines

With cutlasses drawn and rum all around me
The deck is caving in our blood is running thin
There's no use in following the stars the current will guide you
Like the moon governs the tides and to quarter is our call

Free floating in this abyss
To rot lonely on the ocean floor
Silent sentinels think nothing of the distance between ships

The destruction a callous reminder of the strength of a vengeful storm
All armadas be disbanded to join the scores of sunken ships